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To better serve clients, Tekmap Consulting continually develops and updates its GIS tools and applications. This includes contributing to core GRASS and MB-System programs and developing custom programs and GUIs for GRASS, MB-System, and data processing.

Tekmap develops several custom GIS Tools using the GTK+ programming language. GTK+ is “a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces”, with ports to Linux, WIN32, Mac OS X, and Direct FB. Tekmap also develops programs in C for GRASS and MB-System. The Sidescan viewer SonarWave is written in C#.

Tekmap has moved the software development web pages to a blog format. This is to accommodate the active development and frequent updates associated with the software. Check out Tekmap's Download Icondownload page for quick access to software available at this site.

Sep 07 2012 09:41


NewProgram updated on September 7, 2012. List of updates is given below.

... More

Sep 05 2012 15:58

In the previous post, I described how to import multibeam navigation and bathymetry into GRASS using the wxPython Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Loihi Bathy with Haxby colors and contours... More

Aug 28 2012 15:06

3D View with GRASS of Loihi Multibeam This how-to exercise covers the basic steps I use to import multibeam data into GRASS using MB-System. The multibeam data used... More

Aug 15 2012 09:19


New Updated Version Released August 15, 2012 (see notes below)

The GRASS/Mb-Stystem program is designed to import mbio compatible multibeam data directly into the GRASS GIS.
The program is a modified version of Instead of reading an ASCII XYZ file, More

Aug 01 2012 15:21


The v.mk_circle program is a simple GRASS utility to create a closed vector at a user defined location and size. The program was originally written to create a GRASS  vector for target zones at a specific location. The v.mk_circle program has since been upgraded to output other shapes (see below), and accept multiple locations and sizes from an ASCII file or standard input.


The m.mk_circle program will accept a single coordinate and size from the command line, or a... More

Jul 05 2012 11:29

Sonarwave Icon

Tekmap Consulting is planning a new release for Sonarwave Lite, and would like your input. Please take a moment to provide your suggestions for the upcoming release by completing the Feature Request Form.

If you are a regular user of Sonarwave Lite, join the announcement list to stay up to date with new releases and bug fixes.... More

XTF, sidescan, sonar
Aug 30 2010 09:00

Bug Fixes

The latest release of SonarWave Lite includes a couple of bug fixes.

  1. If the XTF file only contained sub-bottom data it would load but not display the image data. This has been fixed in the new release.
  2. If the XTF file contained different range or sample values between pings the viewer would report an error and exit. This bug has been fixed in the new release.

Incremental File Loading

A new feature with SonarWave Lite includes the option to incrementally load an XTF file. This option has been added for computers that... More

Jun 10 2010 16:55


The program is a simple import tool for converting XYZ files to GRASS label files. The Z column of the XYZ file is read as the GRASS label. The program reads the XYZ file from either standard input (stdin) or an existing ASCII file.

The standard GRASS label options are available including size, fontsize, offset, color, justification, and rotation.


To import the following XYZ labels from labels.txt  into GRASS

572353.90 5406935.12 Label 1
579691.25 5423610.90 Label 2
... More