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GRASS Extras

Sep 05 2012 15:58

In the previous post, I described how to import multibeam navigation and bathymetry into GRASS using the wxPython Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Loihi Bathy with Haxby colors and contours... Read More

Aug 15 2012 09:19


New Updated Version Released August 15, 2012 (see notes below)

The GRASS/Mb-Stystem program is designed to import mbio compatible multibeam data directly into the GRASS GIS.
The program is a modified version of Instead of reading an ASCII XYZ file, Read More

Aug 01 2012 15:21


The v.mk_circle program is a simple GRASS utility to create a closed vector at a user defined location and size. The program was originally written to create a GRASS  vector for target zones at a specific location. The v.mk_circle program has since been upgraded to output other shapes (see below), and accept multiple locations and sizes from an ASCII file or standard input.


The m.mk_circle program will accept a single coordinate and size from the command line, or a... Read More

Jun 10 2010 16:55


The program is a simple import tool for converting XYZ files to GRASS label files. The Z column of the XYZ file is read as the GRASS label. The program reads the XYZ file from either standard input (stdin) or an existing ASCII file.

The standard GRASS label options are available including size, fontsize, offset, color, justification, and rotation.


To import the following XYZ labels from labels.txt  into GRASS

572353.90 5406935.12 Label 1
579691.25 5423610.90 Label 2
... Read More

May 13 2010 20:03


The r.out.colorbar program is a simple export tool for saving GRASS raster colorbars. The program uses GTK+ and CairoGraphics to handle the image output.

The colorbar is saved at a user defined size (in pixels) and orientation. The user can choose between 3 output formats supported by Cairo.

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