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Jun 22 2009 11:15

The GTK+ GRASS Interface 3D View lets the user save a keyframe animation directly to a supported animation format. The 3D view uses the GRASS ogsf library to render an animation. If the GRASS ogsf library has been built with the optional FFMPEG library, movies can be directly rendered to any supported format.

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Jun 18 2009 11:01


The GTK+ GRASS Interface can be built with an optional port to the GRASS ogsf library providing 3-D visualization support. This requires the user to install GtkGLExt, an OpenGL extension to GTK+ 2.0.

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Jun 11 2009 10:39

The right pane of the GTK+ GRASS GUI displays several user controlled Map Layers. The map layers can be added or removed at any time. Each map layer (tab) has its own associated GRASS Region, and display list (previous post). To optimize drawing speed, the GTK+ GRASS GUI uses its own internal drawing routines for GRASS files and decorations.

Display options include the usual interactive zoom window, zoom/out, pan, erase, redraw, measure, and query. The GRASS region can also be manually edited at any time.

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Jun 11 2009 09:54

Each GRASS object (eg. raster) or decoration (eg. scalebar) that is drawn is automatically added to the display list. The display list is stored in a GTK+ liststore which is displayed in the left pane of the GTK+ GRASS GUI. GRASS GUI... Read More

Jun 11 2009 06:24


As a “proof of concept”, Tekmap Consulting tested the GTK+ toolkit as a possible tool for developing a graphical user interface (GUI) for the GRASS software. From that “proof of concept”, the GTK+ GRASS Interface has continued to grow.

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