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The GRASS GTK+ GUI Map Display

The right pane of the GTK+ GRASS GUI displays several user controlled Map Layers. The map layers can be added or removed at any time. Each map layer (tab) has its own associated GRASS Region, and display list (previous post). To optimize drawing speed, the GTK+ GRASS GUI uses its own internal drawing routines for GRASS files and decorations.

Display options include the usual interactive zoom window, zoom/out, pan, erase, redraw, measure, and query. The GRASS region can also be manually edited at any time.


The map view can be maximized to fill the window, overriding the current GRASS region.

The position can be queried and captured, features can be measured, plus rasters and vectors can be queried from the display.

Display overlays (decorations) include:

  • Raster colorbar.
  • Vector legend.
  • Scalebar.
  • Grid.
  • Geographic grid.
  • Compass rose.