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The GRASS GTK+ GUI 3D Display


The GTK+ GRASS Interface can be built with an optional port to the GRASS ogsf library providing 3-D visualization support. This requires the user to install GtkGLExt, an OpenGL extension to GTK+ 2.0.

GRASS GUI 3D ViewThe 3D View is loaded as a special tab in the Map Display. The 3D View is created with the current GRASS settings (i.e. region). The user can easily switch between loaded 2D map views and the 3D View.


The 3-D Viewing Module features include:

  • Easy loading of GRASS objects, including: raster, constant surface, and vector data.
  • Easy object properties (eg. transparency) editing.
  • Display objects listed in an editable display list used by the redraw function.
  • Two navigation modes based on NVIZ: Simple Fly mode (default) and Eye position.
  • Display options for vertical exaggeration, draw resolutions, and screen size.
  • Adjustable lighting options for Brightness, Ambient, Height, and Position.
  • XML support for the display state, keyframe animation, and position settings.
  • Manual adding of keyframes.
  • Keyframe animation editing.
  • On-screen keyframe animation playback.
  • Keyframe animation rendering.
  • Animation rendering options for individual images, off-screen rendering, and direct rendering (requires ogsf built with FFMPEG support).
  • Cutting plane support.
  • Scalebar overlay.
  • Colorbar overlay.
  • 2D Location map inset.
  • Custom text overlay (movie title, date, etc).
  • Scene export to an image (PNG).