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MB-System GTK+ GUI


GTK+ MB-SystemThe GTK+ MB-System interface was started to provide a color, cross-platform, multibeam editor that had a switchable bathymetry and backscatter view. The program provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the mbio library and commonly used programs in MB-System.

The multibeam editor simultaneously displays data in plan view and profile view. Each editor pane is re-sizable according to the users preferences (i.e. draggable).

GTK+ MB-SystemAfter loading a file, the user can switch between bathymetry and backscatter (if available) views.

The bathymetry data are displayed as color-coded depth points using a rainbow colortable. The backscatter data are displayed as color-coded amplitude values using a grey colortable.

GTK+ MB-System is written as a Glade project using the GTK+ programming language.

The interface has been tested and run on Linux (OpenSuse) and WIN32 platforms.


The GTK MB-Process features include:

  • Split window that displays color-coded bathymetry in cross-section and plan views.
  • Simple switch between color bathymetry and grey backscatter (if available in multibeam data).
  • Edit mode switchs between read only and read/write.
  • Beam flagging or unflagging by clicking beams or selecting an area (box) in both views of the split window.
  • Bulk data filters.
  • Easy file navigation by dragging the ping number scalebar.
  • Display options for number of beams displayed, beams stepped, and colors.
  • Easy point-and-click access to data file list.

The GTK+ MB-System is an active project at Tekmap Consulting. Development is on-going.