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Sep 07 2012 09:41


NewProgram updated on September 7, 2012. List of updates is given below.

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Aug 28 2012 15:06

3D View with GRASS of Loihi Multibeam This how-to exercise covers the basic steps I use to import multibeam data into GRASS using MB-System. The multibeam data used... Read More

Nov 25 2009 09:25

Tekmap Consulting has added multi-thread support to the GTK+ MB-System interface.  Processing time is greatly reduced by running select mb-system commands in separate threads. The mb-system commands include:

  • mbbackangle
  • mbprocess

These programs require very little system memory, and do not take too much CPU time. By placing them in multiple managed threads, the processing time for a block of multibeam files is significantly reduced.

Jul 08 2009 10:02

One reason for developing the GTK+ MB-System interface was the need for a cross-platform interface to the MB-System mbio library. The GTK+ MB-System has been built for and run on a Windows® system. The software was cross-compiled on a Linux x32 system using the tools from MinGW.

The following are the brief notes kept for setting up the cross-compile environment, and building the MB-System mbio library and the GTK+ MB-System interface. These notes are from 2008, so some of the instructions may a out of date.

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Jul 07 2009 09:33


Tekmap Consulting has added a Water Column Viewer to the GTK+ MB-System Interface. The viewer is designed to load the Water Column datagram available in the newer Simrad multibeam formats.

The Water Column Viewer loads available data in a user selected ping-by-ping basis. This provides an alongtrack view of the water column for each available ping.

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Jun 11 2009 09:33

The GTK+ MB-System GUI includes a number of custom display options. The size of the display window can be changed at any time by dragging the panes to a desired size. The user can also switch between bathymetry and backscatter views, using the backscatter checkbutton on the toolbar.


Other options can be customized from an Preferences Dialog.

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Jun 11 2009 09:26

The GTK+ MB-System GUI consists of a toolbar at the top, a left pane for multibeam file names, and a right pane for data display.

The left pane displays a GTK liststore consisting of a checkbutton, file name and path, and format ID. If an individual file is loaded, it is automatically added to the list. The list can be saved and reloaded for future use. The saved file list is compatible with other MB-System commands such as mbset, mblist, etc.

The right pane displays the loaded data in a split screen. The top of the right pane displays... Read More

Jun 11 2009 09:03


GTK+ MB-SystemThe GTK+ MB-System interface was started to provide a color, cross-platform, multibeam editor that had a switchable bathymetry and backscatter view. The program provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the mbio... Read More