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SonarWave Lite: XTF File Open

SonarWave LiteThe SonarWave Lite software automatically scans and checks the selected XTF file for available data channels. If more than 2 channels (port and starboard sidescan) are detected, the user is prompted to select the channels to load.

XTF Channels

The options from the XTF Channels dialog are:

  • Port and Starboard low frequency sidescan.
  • Port and Starboard high frequency sidescan.
  • Sub-Bottom.

Only the available channels are enabled in the dialog.

The user can open an XTF file from the File->Open… menu in the GUI. SonarWave Lite installs a file association for XTF files. With the file association, the user can double click on a file in the File Explorer to automatically open an XTF file.