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SonarWave Lite: The Toolbar

SonarWave LiteSonarWave Lite has a toolbar located at the top of the Sidescan window. The toolbar provides buttons that let you move around, zoom in and out, and adjust the display color table of the XTF files.

SonarWave Lite

The button functions include (from left to right):

  • Four navigation buttons to move left, down, up, and right by a screen width (10% overlap).
  • Pan Image button to click and drag the image.
  • Zoom Box button to click and draw a new zoom area.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to increase or reduce the selected area by the set magnification level.
  • Zoom Level box to set the magnification level for the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons.
  • Fit to Window button to display the entire XTF sidescan or sub-bottom image in the Sidescan window.
  • Image Color button to provide the color palette options menu.