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SonarWave Lite: Incremental File Load

Bug Fixes

The latest release of SonarWave Lite includes a couple of bug fixes.

  1. If the XTF file only contained sub-bottom data it would load but not display the image data. This has been fixed in the new release.
  2. If the XTF file contained different range or sample values between pings the viewer would report an error and exit. This bug has been fixed in the new release.

Incremental File Loading

A new feature with SonarWave Lite includes the option to incrementally load an XTF file. This option has been added for computers that may have hardware limitations loading large files, and users who simply want to load XTF data in smaller sections.

The updated viewer includes an option to set the maximum number of pings that can be loaded at one time. The default setting is 10000 pings. This can be increased or decreased according to the users preferences. If a file has more pings than the above preference, a dialog box allows the user to drag and select the ping range to load in the viewer.

Choose Pings

To select a range of pings to view, simply click and drag. the start and stop pings are displayed below the selection bar. After the file is loaded a new button Incremental Load for loading additional pings is active in the toolbar.

Additional pings can also be loaded from the View menu. Selecting either the button or the View menu option will bring up the Choose Pings dialog where the user can select a new range of pings to view.

Goto the download page to obtain the latest version of SonarWave Lite