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Tekmap's New Geomatic Services

Web Mapping Service

NewTekmap Consulting is pleased to announce that it now offers two additional services, Tidal Data Mapping and Geospatial Web Mapping. These two services were recently combined in a multi-year project to provide an online interactive Web mapping application for the Nova Scotia tidal energy sector.

Tidal Data Mapping and Visualization

Custom FVCOM ViewerTekmap Consulting developed a number of custom tools for mapping, processing, and visualizing in-stream tidal model data. These tools are built on the open source PySeidon package for FVCOM model data. Please visit Services for a detailed description of our Tidal Data Mapping service.

Geospatial Web Mapping

Geospatial Web MappingTekmap Consulting now offers a full range of geospatial Web mapping services. These services include:

  • Data formatting and preparation.
  • Data server setup, maintenance, and administration.
  • Custom web mapping.

Our Web mapping service builds on a number of open source packages that include:

  • Geoserver
  • OpenLayers
  • GeoExt
  • Proj4js
  • GXP
  • Web World Wind

Please visit Services for a detailed description of our Geospatial Web Mapping service.