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SonarWave Lite

SonarWave Lite IconThe SonarWave Lite software, a free program developed by Tekmap Consulting, is an innovative tool designed for viewing an Extended Triton Format (XTF) file.

The free software was originally released in 2009. Since that time, the software has undergone minor changes and bug-fixes

Tekmap is planning a new release for Sonarwave Lite, and would like your input. Please take a moment to provide your suggestions for the upcoming release by completing the Feature Request Form.

Sonarwave Lite features include:

  • Detecting automatically and prompting users with available XTF channels (i.e. high/low frequency sidescan and sub-bottom).
  • Providing two views of the loaded XTF file, with a smaller “Full Image” view and a zoomed view in the main window.
  • Displaying file information for open XTF sidescan files.
  • Adding range lines to help locate features and estimate distances on XTF sidescan files.
  • Drawing bottom tracking, if recorded, for port and starboard sidescan channels.
  • Using Zoom features to enlarge or reduce details on XTF files.
  • Viewing XTF files in grey, blue, and sepia colors.
  • Inverting the colors on XTF files.
  • Using the Gamma and Equalize features to enhance XTF files.
  • Saving XTF sidescan files to PNG images.
  • Incremental file loading where memory limitations are an issue.
  • Providing embedded Help documentation.

If you are a regular user of Sonarwave Lite, join the announcement list to stay up to date with new releases and bug fixes.