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Marine Geomatics

Tekmap Consulting provides a wide variety of marine geomatics services that range from:

  • Sonar data processing and mapping.
  • Data fusion and 3-D visualization.
  • Custom software development for data logging, processing, and mapping.
  • Ocean sensor data mapping and 3-D visualization.
  • Shallow water surveying.

Multibeam BathymetrySonarwave LiteSHLS Bathymetry

Our marine geomatics services include:

Marine Geomatics Service Description
Multibeam Data Processing Processing, mapping, and 3-D visualization of multibeam sonar data.
Sidescan Data Processing Processing and mapping sidescan sonar data.
Tidal Data Processing Visualizing and mapping tidal model data.
Shallow Water Mapping Surveying shallow water coastal environments using a customized Humminbird fishfinder.

Tekmap Consulting provides nearly 20 years of experience in the Marine Geomatics field. Over this time, we worked on a number of projects in a variety of conditions. Our projects range from a simple survey of an abandoned open-pit mine site to on-site assistance for the search for Swissair Flight 111 in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.

For more information on a specific service or to obtain an estimate, please contact us.