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Shallow Water Mapping

SHLS Survey

The Sync Humminbird Logging System (SHLS) is a compact, easy to use, shallow water mapping system. The SHLS is a portable, PC based, logging system that collects and records time-stamped, georeferenced, multibeam data. The system uses a customized Humminbird Wide 3D Paramount fishfinder.

SHLS Bathymetry

The Humminbird sonar uses 6 separate beams for mapping the bottom. The 6 beams provide 53 degrees of continuous coverage up to 70 metres deep. The acrosstrack coverage is approximately 1 times water depth. For example, in 10 metres of water, the swath width is 10 metres with a resolution of 1.6 metres.

SHLS Application

The SHLS operates in water depths ranging from 2 to 70 metres and works with most shallow water vessels. Possible applications for the SHLS include:

  • Aquaculture site evaluations.
  • River and lake surveys.
  • Engineering projects such as shipping channel surveys, dredge site evaluations, and tailings ponds.
  • Coastal research projects.

Technical Specifications

Humminbird Wide 3D Paramount Specifications
Frequency 455 kHz
Maximum ping rate ~4 Hz
Number of beams per ping 6
Transducer (standard) SHS-7W with 6 m cable
Transducer area of coverage 53° Continuous
Side-to-Side Coverage @ -10db
Power requirement 12 VDC
Power output (455 kHz) 600 Watts (RMS)
4800 Watts (Peak to Peak)
Maximum water depth 70 m
Swath width 1 x water depth


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