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Custom Software Development

WW KioskTekmap Consulting actively develops custom tools and interfaces to provide enhanced services and products for our clients. We use most major programming languages including C, C#, .NET, Python, GTK+, Tcl/TK, Perl, Java, SQL, XML, PHP, and HTML. We also support most operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

Sonarwave LiteTekmap Consulting offers over 20 years of experience developing custom software. During this time, we developed a variety of software. The software ranges from simple command line programs to complex, fully documented, graphical interfaces. Some examples include:

  • Sidescan and seismic tape demuxing programs.
  • Data logging and plotting programs.
  • Ice scour tracking and analysis programs.
  • A geographical profile plotting program.
  • Keyframe visualization and animation software.
  • A full featured graphical interface built around the GRASS GIS.
  • A fully documented sidescan XTF data viewer (SonarWave Lite).
  • A fully documented 3D GIS (EarthNav Lite).
  • An interactive public access kiosk with menu builder.

GTK+ GRASS GUIAs a member of the GRASS development team, Tekmap Consulting contributes programs and enhancements to the GRASS source code. Tekmap has also contributed program enhancements and library upgrades to MB-System. Add-on programs developed by Tekmap Consulting can be downloaded here.

Tekmap maintains a Blog of programs under active development. These programs include:

  • GTK+ graphical interfaces to GRASS and MB-System.
  • GRASS and MB-System add-on programs including:
    • Colorbar output.
    • Direct import of multibeam data into GRASS via MB-System.
    • Simple label import.
    • Advanced ice-scour tracking software.
  • GTK+ profile (cross-section) plotting interface.
  • The popular SonarWave Lite XTF sidescan viewer.

To obtain an estimate or for more information about our custom Software Development Services, please contact us.

Check out Tekmap's download icondownload page for quick access to software available at this site.