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Tidal Data Mapping and Visualization

Tekmap Consulting uses custom built software to process, map, and visualize in-stream tidal model data. The custom software uses the open source tools for FVCOM users, PySeidon.Custom FVCOM Viewer - Map ViewCustom FVCOM Viewer - Profile View

Power Density with Profile Locations

Using PySeidon, Tekmap can offer a number of data products from Finite-Volume, primitive equation Community Ocean Model (FVCOM) data.

The data products include:

  • Extract and visualize data in cross-section, map, and 3-D.
  • Visualize and animate across time and depth.
  • Output to GIS raster and vector products.
  • Output to custom formats.
  • Output cross-sections and time series.

Power density profile between A and B over a 24 hour period.

Power density profile between C and D over a 24 hour period.