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NASA World Wind

NASA World WindNASA World Wind is an open source software development kit (SDK) written in Java. World Wind is a cross-platform SDK that allows developers to easily create interactive applications for visualizing geospatial data in 3-D. The World Wind SDK can be used to create dynamic desktop applications or web enabled pages with Web World Wind javascript API.

Using the World Wind SDK, Tekmap Consulting has developed a number of custom applications including:

  • A public access kiosk used at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography.EarthNav Lite
  • EarthNav Lite, a desktop application used to view, manage, and visualize high resolution data.
  • An in-house application used to create high resolution key-frame animations.

Download and Support

The NASA World Wind SDK can be freely downloaded from the WorldWind site. This site includes the full source plus daily builds and the API documentation.

The site includes a number of useful resources and demonstrations.

The site includes a number of useful resources and demonstrations for the Web World Wind Javascript API.