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To better serve clients, Tekmap Consulting continually develops and updates its GIS tools and applications. This includes contributing to core GRASS and MB-System programs and developing custom programs and GUIs for GRASS, MB-System, and data processing.

Tekmap develops several custom GIS Tools using the GTK+ programming language. GTK+ is “a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces”, with ports to Linux, WIN32, Mac OS X, and Direct FB. Tekmap also develops programs in C for GRASS and MB-System. The Sidescan viewer SonarWave is written in C#.

Tekmap has moved the software development web pages to a blog format. This is to accommodate the active development and frequent updates associated with the software. Check out Tekmap's Download Icondownload page for quick access to software available at this site.

May 13 2010 20:03


The r.out.colorbar program is a simple export tool for saving GRASS raster colorbars. The program uses GTK+ and CairoGraphics to handle the image output.

The colorbar is saved at a user defined size (in pixels) and orientation. The user can choose between 3 output formats supported by Cairo.

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Nov 25 2009 09:25

Tekmap Consulting has added multi-thread support to the GTK+ MB-System interface.  Processing time is greatly reduced by running select mb-system commands in separate threads. The mb-system commands include:

  • mbbackangle
  • mbprocess

These programs require very little system memory, and do not take too much CPU time. By placing them in multiple managed threads, the processing time for a block of multibeam files is significantly reduced.

Jul 08 2009 10:02

One reason for developing the GTK+ MB-System interface was the need for a cross-platform interface to the MB-System mbio library. The GTK+ MB-System has been built for and run on a Windows® system. The software was cross-compiled on a Linux x32 system using the tools from MinGW.

The following are the brief notes kept for setting up the cross-compile environment, and building the MB-System mbio library and the GTK+ MB-System interface. These notes are from 2008, so some of the instructions may a out of date.

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Jul 07 2009 09:33


Tekmap Consulting has added a Water Column Viewer to the GTK+ MB-System Interface. The viewer is designed to load the Water Column datagram available in the newer Simrad multibeam formats.

The Water Column Viewer loads available data in a user selected ping-by-ping basis. This provides an alongtrack view of the water column for each available ping.

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Jun 29 2009 09:00

SonarWave LiteUsing SonarWave Lite, you can adjust the on-screen color table to enhance features and improve contrast in XTF sidescan files.

Color Tables

SonarWave Lite uses linear grey as the default color table. Other color tables available are blue and sepia. The user can change the color table at any time on an open XTF file. Any of the three color tables work with the gamma or equalization options described below.

Applying a Gamma... More

Jun 26 2009 10:30

SonarWave LiteSonarWave Lite has a toolbar located at the top of the Sidescan window. The toolbar provides buttons that let you move around, zoom in and out, and adjust the display color table of the XTF files.

SonarWave Lite

The button functions include (from left to right):

  • Four navigation buttons to move left, down, up, and... More
Jun 26 2009 09:30

SonarWave LiteWhen a file opens in SonarWave Lite, a summary of the XTF header information appears in the File Information window on the top left.

File Info

The XTF file information includes:

Jun 26 2009 08:30

SonarWave LiteThe SonarWave Lite software automatically scans and checks the selected XTF file for available data channels. If more than 2 channels (port and starboard sidescan) are detected, the user is prompted to select the channels to load.

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