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To better serve clients, Tekmap Consulting continually develops and updates its GIS tools and applications. This includes contributing to core GRASS and MB-System programs and developing custom programs and GUIs for GRASS, MB-System, and data processing.

Tekmap develops several custom GIS Tools using the GTK+ programming language. GTK+ is “a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces”, with ports to Linux, WIN32, Mac OS X, and Direct FB. Tekmap also develops programs in C for GRASS and MB-System. The Sidescan viewer SonarWave is written in C#.

Tekmap has moved the software development web pages to a blog format. This is to accommodate the active development and frequent updates associated with the software. Check out Tekmap's Download Icondownload page for quick access to software available at this site.

Jun 11 2009 09:38

Plots created with Profile Plotter can be saved and reloaded at a future time. The plots are saved as a simple XML file that contains all the settings needed to re-create the plot. Instead of re-loading multiple data files and customizing the display, the user simply reloads a previously saved XML plot file.... More

Jun 11 2009 09:33

The GTK+ MB-System GUI includes a number of custom display options. The size of the display window can be changed at any time by dragging the panes to a desired size. The user can also switch between bathymetry and backscatter views, using the backscatter checkbutton on the toolbar.


Other options can be customized from an Preferences Dialog.

... More

Jun 11 2009 09:26

The GTK+ MB-System GUI consists of a toolbar at the top, a left pane for multibeam file names, and a right pane for data display.

The left pane displays a GTK liststore consisting of a checkbutton, file name and path, and format ID. If an individual file is loaded, it is automatically added to the list. The list can be saved and reloaded for future use. The saved file list is compatible with other MB-System commands such as mbset, mblist, etc.

The right pane displays the loaded data in a split screen. The top of the right pane displays... More

Jun 11 2009 09:24

The GTK+ Profile Plotter has numerous options to control the plot appearance. From the main window, the vertical exaggeration of the plot can be set. This will effect the height of the plot image. The width of the plot is set by the user.Display Options... More

Jun 11 2009 09:22

The GTK+ Profile Plotter currently accepts 6 formats of space separated ASCII data. These formats include:

  • Distance Depth RGB (color).
  • Distance Depth.
  • Easting Northing Distance Depth RGB (color).
  • Easting Northing Distance Depth.
  • Distance Depth1 Depth2.
  • Easting Northing Distance Depth2 Depth2.

The RGB columns expect data formatted as RRR:GGG:BBB.

Other profile (cross-section) formats will be added as required or requested.

Jun 11 2009 09:03


GTK+ MB-SystemThe GTK+ MB-System interface was started to provide a color, cross-platform, multibeam editor that had a switchable bathymetry and backscatter view. The program provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the mbio... More

Jun 11 2009 06:24


As a “proof of concept”, Tekmap Consulting tested the GTK+ toolkit as a possible tool for developing a graphical user interface (GUI) for the GRASS software. From that “proof of concept”, the GTK+ GRASS Interface has continued to grow.


Jun 10 2009 09:12


The GTK+ Profile Plotter is a stand-alone program designed to plot geographic cross-section data in a variety of formats. The Profile Plotter reads distance, elevation, and optionally color. The elevation plots relative to the distance, at a user controlled vertical exaggeration.... More